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Bunnings Sausage sizzle
Photograph: Flickr/Henk Tobbe

Bunnings sausage sizzles will return to Victoria this month

Regional Victoria will get them first, followed by Melbourne slightly later

Nic Dowse

With Bunnings stores now reopen across all of Victoria, including Melbourne, one question has remained: when am I going to be able to get a sausage sizzle at Bunnings again? Fair citizens of Melbourne, fear not, for we now have an answer. Sausage sizzles will return, gradually, to Victoria starting November 14. 

Regional Victorians will be the first to get their sausages sangas back, with regional Bunnings stores bringing back the much-loved cultural (yes, we are saying cultural) tradition from November 14. Those in Melbourne will have to wait a wee bit longer to get on the sizzle, with metropolitan Bunnings stores reinstating sausage sizzles at selected stores from December 5. It's quite possibly the best early Christmas gift Melbourne could receive. 

Bunnings chief operating officer, Deb Poole, told 7News: "Victorians have done such an amazing job flattening the curve and we hope bringing back sausage sizzles will be yet another sign we can reclaim a sense of normality while remaining COVID-safe."

When the sizzles return you can expect a few safety measures to be in place, such as separate and socially distanced ordering and pick-up stations, extra cleaning and face masks.

In the meantime, order one of Melbourne's 15 best sandwiches (you can even get them delivered). 

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