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Castlemaine has taken its annual fundraising art auction online

Nicola Dowse

Those familiar with the regional Victorian town of Castlemaine will know that’s its got a thriving creative community. Every two years, that community comes together to host an art auction to help raise funds for the Castlemaine State Fair – Australia’s longest-running regional flagship festival.

So far the next festival is safe from shutdown (it’s not due to run until March 2021) but Castlemaine needs to start fundraising for it now, while we’re all in a semi shutdown. Hence the organising team is taking the biennial art auction online.

From Friday, March 27 until Sunday, April 5, you can try and nab yourself an artwork in the Castlemaine State Festival Art Auction. Works are primarily by artists local to the Castlemaine region, with 45 works up for grabs. Bids start as low $50 and all proceeds from the auction will go towards the creation of works for next year’s Castlemaine State Festival.

The auction is live now and free to register – you just pay for the artwork if you are successful in bidding. Head along to the website for more info.

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