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Terrace houses in St Kilda
Photograph: Josie Withers/Visit Victoria

Home visits now permitted in Melbourne, with restrictions

Only one 'visiting event' is permitted per day, so if someone comes to visit you, you can't go visit anyone else that day
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Two adults from one household can now visit one other home, along with their dependents who can't be left alone, per day, Victorian premier Dan Andrews announced today. That is one 'visiting event' per day. So if you go to visit a friend's place for breakfast, you can't go visit someone else for lunch, nor can you have anyone else in your home for the day. And that friend you visited for breakfast can't have others in their home later in the day, nor can they go visit anyone else that day. You can only visit homes that are within 25km of your home, and those in metropolitan Melbourne cannot cross into regional Victoria to visit people, even if those regional Victorians are within 25km. And those two adults (and dependents) who are visiting must be from a single household. 

"Arguably, your home is the most dangerous place for the spread of this virus," Andrews warned. He emphasised that people tended to let their guard down at home, and homes were not as controlled an environment as hospitality or retail. Although the health advice is for people to wear masks while visiting people at home, Andrews acknowledged it was impossible to police and that it was likely people would not follow that advice.

These rules will remain in place until at least November 8, as will the 25km restriction on travel and the hard border between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Up to ten people (adults and children over 12 months) from multiple households can meet up in outdoor public places so long as they don't travel further than 25km to do so. 

The news came as Victoria recorded its second day in a row of no new cases of the virus. That is the first time that has happened in the state since March 5. The 14-day rolling average in metropolitan Melbourne is now 2.8. "They are numbers that every Victorian can be proud of, because they are numbers that every Victorian has built, through hard work, through determination and through pain," said Dan Andrews.

Andrews emphasised that it was crucial for anyone with any symptoms at all to get tested, and for all Victorians to follow the rules at all times in order to prevent the spread. "What we as Victorians have built is a precious thing, but it is fragile," he said. 

Yesterday the premier announced a host of changes to restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, including allowing retail and hospitality venues in metro Melbourne to reopen. Victorians no longer need a reason to leave home and are permitted to dine and drink in venue, with restrictions on numbers and physical distancing requirements. 

Stay in your 25km bubble for now: This website helps you find how far you can go. Looking forward to Christmas holidays? Here is what you need to know about booking a Victorian holiday this summer.

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