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Join this national letter writing project that connects isolated Aussies

This free platform is connecting people through old school letter writing – and it’s really heartwarming

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

If we’ve learnt anything from these past few months under lockdown, it’s that staying apart from others is doing a real number on our mental health. That feeling of loneliness and isolation is pretty universal – but it can be especially hard for senior Australians, those with disabilities, chronic health conditions and those who are living alone during the pandemic. Thankfully, a new platform is here to help.

The Letterbox Project, run by website Connected Au, is a national project that aims to support vulnerable Aussies that are feeling isolated and lonely. You can sign up to write a handwritten letter and share a little something about you, about your hobbies or interests or anything you think the recipient would enjoy. Currently, the project has around 5,000 people registered to write across the country. You can also sign up to receive a letter, or nominate someone you think would enjoy receiving a letter right now.

This video provides a little background about the project and who is receiving these handwritten letters. 

Read more about the Letterbox Project and sign up here.

Here are a few more ways to look after your mental health under lockdown. 

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