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Learn the Kate Bush 'Wuthering Heights' dance and others with this brilliant online class

Dance like nobody's watching – don't worry, nobody is

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Quick: Name your favourite interpretive dance dedicated to a fictional character from a Victorian novel. It's Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights', right? Dance instructor Anna from Anna's Go-Go Academy has donned the requisite red dress and is ready to teach you how to do the famous moves. All while in the privacy and comfort of your own lounge room, of course. 

That's not the only dance Anna has up her red sleeve. She's offering one-hour classes, ten-minute dance breaks, and a weekly rant on anything from pop culture to feminism, cats, politics or her fabulous hair. You can subscribe to any or all of those videos and learn to dance to songs like N*Sync's 'Bye Bye Bye' and '80s and '90s classics. You can subscribe to the rants for $9 a month, the ten-minute dance breaks for $20 per month and the full one-hour classes at $52 per month.

Anna's Go-Go Academy has been running in Melbourne for 14 years, and since lockdown she's put her brilliant moves online. It's a fab way to keep fit in lockdown plus we can guarantee plenty of laughs along the way. 

"I’m convinced she’s the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Richard Simmons," says Rosie Joyce, who has been dancing at Anna's Go-Go Academy for about two years.  

She says the classes are a brilliant way to stay fit and improve your mental health. "I’ve been in there after having a really shitty day and I didn't feel like going, and when I walk out I always feel better."

And, she says, the online classes are the perfect antidote to our present scary times.

"With everything being the way it is at the moment, everyone's emotions are frayed, and I can go from being in tears [to laughing], with her yelling some stupid shit out."

A full membership gives you access to Anna's back catalogue, so you can repeat classes and focus on nailing that choreography. Or you can just take ten minutes to learn a silly, brilliant boy band dance to *NSync. 

Want other ways to be creative at home during lockdown? Here are some crafty classes – and yes, there's wine involved.

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