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Melbourne now has the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere

The Australia 108 building now officially has a higher roof than the Q1 Tower on the Gold Coast

Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Melbourne is known as Australia’s cultural and sporting capital, and now it’s also Australia’s skyscraper capital. The city has the most skyscrapers in the country, with a total of 67 buildings taller than 150 metres. We can now add another sky-high feather to our hat, with the news that Melbourne is now also home to the tallest residential building in not just Australia, but the entire southern hemisphere.

The Australia 108 skyscraper in Southbank officially became the tallest residential building on Monday, June 9. The tower stands at 319 metres tall from floor to roof, beating the Gold Coast’s Q1 Tower for the top gong.

Some astute readers might have realised that nuh-uh, the Q1 Tower is 322.5 metres tall and therefore still the tallest. And sure, that’s correct, but Australia 108 is the tallest in regards to roof height. Australia 108’s roof tops out at 319 metres, while Q1 Tower’s roofplate is a relatively piddly 235 metres tall. 

The Australia 108 building from the ground looking up
Photograph: Supplied / Bastion Effect

Q1 is only 322.5 metres tall thanks to a 97.7-metre tall spire, which honestly is cheating. You don’t stick a 50cm hat on a 150cm person and say they’re taller than someone who’s 180cm. Ergo, we’re calling it: Melbourne has the tallest residential tower.

In addition to being really, really ridiculously tall, Australia 108 also features a cantilevered golden starburst 210 metres above the ground, which is filled with infinity pools, gyms and lounges that can be used by the building’s residents. Residents who live above the starburst get their own VIP zones and pool, which honestly is just a smidge High Rise-eque

Australia 108 is set to be fully completed later this year.

Plus the city is getting an additional 150,000 plants and trees to fight climate change.

Using plastic gloves or masks right now? You can recycle them.

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