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Penguin captured on livestream
Photograph: Supplied

Melbourne zoos are now live-streaming their penguins, lions and baby snow leopards

Rebecca Russo

Practising social distancing right now? Luckily for you, Melbourne’s zoos have decided to live stream their animals so you won’t miss out on a second of all that cute creature fun. 

Zoos Victoria has set up live streams at some Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo enclosures, including the adorable snow leopard cubs. These adorable (and frequently napping) cubs were born on January 26 and are starting to explore the world a little more under the watchful eye of their mum Miska. 

You can also watch over the Zoo’s friendly penguins, lazy lions and wandering giraffes, including recent arrival Kilintun. 

Head over to the Zoo’s website to watch them live now. Fair warning: if you’re supposed to be working, this is highly distracting. 

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