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Busy road in Melbourne CBD
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Multi-million dollar grants have been announced for Melbourne artists and businesses

Nicola Dowse

Melbourne city council today announced that a total of $7 million worth of grants can now be accessed by local businesses and creatives.

There will be $5 million worth of grants available to small and medium-sized businesses, while $2 million is available for artists and arts organisations.

For businesses, the grants exist to allow them to invest in online and e-commerce capabilities, take part in training and undertake capital works. According to lord mayor Sally Capp, the grants will help businesses swiftly adapt to the current environment where, due to Covid-19, many businesses cannot operate as usual.

Melbourne’s art organisations and artists were some of the first to be financially affected by Covid-19 and will be able to access up to 500 grants that are worth up to $4000 each. The arts grants can be accessed for the creation of new works, to digitally present works or to provide support while Covid-19 restrictions are in place (and many artists are forcibly unable to work). 

Capp further spoke on how Covid-19 had devastated Melbourne’s arts industry. “The arts sector is intrinsically linked to Melbourne’s brand and supports jobs in our night-time economy and our hospitality industries,” said Capp. “So when artists don’t have work, our entire city suffers.”

More information on both rounds of grants can be found on the Melbourne city council website.

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