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Peninsula Hot Springs has launched a full day retreat – and it wants you to get dirty

Nic Dowse

When you were a kid it was verboten to get mud all over yourself. Funny how times change. Peninsula Hot Springs – one of Melbourne’s best-known wellness escapes – is throwing that advice out the window and actively wants you to cover yourself in mud for its new full-day retreat.

The 'adventure day retreat' is Peninsula Hot Springs' new wellness experience, where you'll be immersed in goopy mud, searing heat, icy temps and the spa's titular spring waters.  Even Lady Muck would be impressed with this five-hour treat-yourself experience.

Group of people sitting in and around a mineral pool overlooking bushland

Photograph: Supplied

The retreat starts with a “guided playful and detoxifying experience”, which you should read as “smearing clay on yourself and thoroughly enjoying it”. Next you’ll take part in a fire and ice workshop, where you’ll alternate between a 90-degree sauna, an icy plunge pool as cold as 2 degrees and an ice cave that gets as cold as minus 25.

Lunch is included, after which you can spend the afternoon relaxing in the bath house’s mineral waters. The 'adventure day retreat' follows the opening of the Bath House Amphitheatre area, which opened in late 2018. 

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