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The 2022 ranking of the world's most liveable cities is in – and it's a tie

Spoiler alert: Australia didn't fare as well as we'd hoped

Written by
Eliza Campbell

There are a few things Melburnians take extreme pride in: café culture, our commitment to the AFL and knowing how to rock an all-black outfit year-round. But aside from the obvious, Melbs for a long time held the title as Australia and the world's most liveable city. Actually, Melbourne reigned supreme for seven consecutive years from 2011, before being dethroned by Austria's Vienna in 2018. 

This year, Vienna regains the top spot after claiming it back from Auckland – a city whose ranking has dropped thanks to the complexities of certain Covid-19 restrictions. And what about our humble city? Well, in not-amazing-not-terrible news, we've tied for tenth position with Osaka, Japan. Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth were previously all in the top ten, but have fallen to 27th, 30th and 32nd respectively in 2022. 

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews said the results indicated that Melbourne as we know and love it is back on the rise. “It’s hard to get a table at a restaurant, it’s hard to get a room in a hotel,” said Andrews. “The city’s back. We are thriving, and Victorians can be very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

The report, run by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), surveys challenges presented to an individual's lifestyle – and this year, relaxed Covid-19 restrictions led to big shifts compared to 2021. You can find out more and download the full list of 173 cities here.

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