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The Cat Protection Society is looking for kitten carers

Written by
William Dunn

Fun fact: kittens are usually born from September through to April, which means we’re currently smack bang in the middle of kitten season. Cats can give birth to up to 18 kittens at this time, meaning that there are currently a lot of lonely little felines out there. The Cat Protection Society of Victoria is hoping to change that.

These cat loving heroes have been fighting the good fight for over 70 years, taking in cats and kittens alike and helping them find that special someone to love them. Each year they aim to get 90 percent of all cats in their care adopted, that means a goal of about 900 four-pawed pals finding new homes. This is where you come in. 

Kittens from the Cat Protection Society of Victoria
Photograph: Supplied

You can help give these poor cuddly souls a new home. Kittens are $170 to adopt and the price drops the older the cat is, with cats older than seven being the cheapest at only $60. The cost of each adoption also covers desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, parasite treatments, a thorough vet check and two weeks of health cover to ensure that your new feline friend settles into their new home purr-fectly.

If you want to support the Cat Protection Society directly, tax deductible donations are also a great idea. For only $5, you can help keep a cat fed for a week which would make all the difference to the lives of these cats. 

So come and visit their centre in Greensborough, find a new furry friend and support an organisation that won’t rest until every cat has someone to cuddle.

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