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Guide Dog Puppy
Photograph: Creative Commons

The RSPCA is asking self-isolating Aussies to adopt a rescue animal

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Self-isolating? Why not make it a little cuddlier?

With many people across the country practicing social distancing and staying at home, TheLatch found out that the RSPCA is looking Aussies to take on pets in need of a permanent home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fancy yourself a pet parent? Head to the RSPCA Victoria website to sign up for pet adoption. But be prepared to take your new role seriously: pets who go through the adoption system need oodles of love and care. Understand your commitment before you sign up! 

If you're down to lavish a fur baby with love, there's no end to the kind of pet you could share your home with: from cats and pups, to even chicks, duckings, goats and lambs. The last couple might not work in an inner-city terrace, but you get the idea – and just imagine introducing your new duckling to your colleagues via video conference. 

You can choose your companion online now. Get browsing. 

Confused about the ins and outs of social distancing? Check out our easy guide to this frontline viral containment measure.

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