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Diagram about handwashing with the Veronica's 'Untouched' lyrics underneath

The spiciest Australian memes about life right now
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Times are grim but the memes are spicy. Thank your lucky stars that you’re experiencing this during the internet age because boy howdy, the memes sure do take the edge off after a long day in isolation. We’ve collated our fave Australian memes for your viewing pleasure.

Kath and Kim 
Ah yes the “what stage of quarantine are you” memes have been well represented lately. This one, courtesy of Instagram account Every Outfit on Kath and Kim gives a delightful local spin to the meme. I am an eight, in case you were wondering.

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 When the government decided only 30-minute haircuts were safe
The now defunct 30-minute limit on haircuts was surely a highlight of recently announced restrictions, providing pure fuel for memelords (is that still a thing?) everywhere. SimpsonsVsLiberals really captured inanity of the ruling with their signature Simpsons MO.

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Distracted boyfriend wants Jacinda
New Zealand went in hard and fast when it came to combating the problem, with the island nation implementing an 'elimination strategy' that has put the whole country into a four-week self-isolation period. Prime minister Jacinda Ardern's leadership has been viewed by some Australians as clear, concise and decisive – causing many to question leadership at home.  

Wash your hands 
We've all been told that you should wash your hands for as long as it takes for you to sing 'Happy Birthday' through twice. But did you know there are also Australian cultural artifacts you can use to properly time your hand washing routine? We recommend either Julia Gillard's famous 2012 misogyny speech or the impassioned words of Paul Charles Dozsa (aka "a succulent Chinese meal" man) as he was arrested for dining and dashing. You can even make your own hand washing meme using this generator (we made one featuring The Veronica's 2007 banger 'Untouched).

Toilet paper>food
Ah yes, the first few days of the panic buying mania focused almost solely on toilet paper, a response that says much about Australians and what they fear most. Starvation? Fine. Not being able to wipe out butts with quilted four-ply? NEVER. The toilet paper has since improved (in some places), but item limits still remain in place at supermarkets.
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Home Alone
Regardless of your politics, there's no denying that Victorian premier Daniel Andrew's social media coordinator has game. Here they are demonstrating how to perfectly self-isolate using classic Christmas movie Home Alone

Big name Aussie comedians have just dropped their comedy specials online. 

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