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Victoria goes into fifth lockdown until July 21

Once again, there are only five reasons to leave your home

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

In the worst possible version of Groundhog Day, Victoria has once again been put into lockdown as health authorities struggle to get on top of the dangerous Delta variant of Covid-19. Premier Dan Andrews today announced the state would be in lockdown for the next five days, until 11.59 on Tuesday, July 20.

The premier said this lockdown would be identical to the one that began at the end of May. "If you were authorised to work then, you will be authorised to work now. If you were closed then, you will be closed now."

From of 11.59pm on Thursday, July 15, there are only five reasons to leave your home:

  • For caregiving or medical care, including getting tested for Covid-19;
  • To exercise within 5km of home for no more than two hours a day;
  • To obtain essential supplies within 5km of home;
  • For essential work or study if it cannot be done from home; and 
  • To get a Covid-19 vaccine.

"You only get one chance to go hard, and go fast," said Andrews, pointing out that the five-day lockdown now was hoped to avoid a five-week or five-month lockdown that could be triggered by waiting too long.

The lockdown currently affects the entire state of Victoria, but Andrews made it clear that if numbers came through that indicated there was no virus in regional areas, regional Victoria would be released earlier than those in metro Melbourne.

A reminder: if you have any symptoms, get tested. Over 40? Here’s where to book your shot. Under 40? Call your GP to ask if the AstraZeneca vaccine is right for you. For more details on the rules, head to the government website.

While this is not the news we wanted to hear, it is the responsibility of all of us to follow the rules and keep our state safe. We all want our gorgeous city and state to go back to normal as soon as possible so we can go out and enjoy the natural wonders, restaurants, bars, theatres, entertainment venues, pop-ups, cinemas and events that make this the best city on Earth. 

Looking for something to keep you busy? Here are some of the best things to do at home.

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