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Monkey Shoulder Monkey Mixer
Photograph: Supplied

Watch a world record attempt with free cocktails at Welcome to Thornbury

Watch as keen bartenders and amateur mixologists shake things up for the title

By Rushani Epa

Watch history in the making – Guinness World Records history, that is – in celebration of World Cocktail Day this Thursday, May 13.

Monkey Shoulder whisky is looking to create a real stir by challenging some of Melbourne’s most talented bartenders and amateur mixologists to break the world record for the most cocktails mixed in one minute. 

The current title sits with a New Yorker who broke the record in 2013 by mixing 18 cocktails in the space of 60 seconds, but head down to tomorrow's event and watch as Melburnians shake things up in order to claim the prize.

To top things off, Monkey Shoulder will have the Monkey Mixer – a cement truck-cum-giant cocktail mixer – churning out free whisky-based cocktails by the glass for you to sip on as you watch the mayhem ensue.

Join the competition as a contender by signing up here, or head to Welcome to Thornbury to watch the competition at 6pm Thursday, May 13.

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