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'We haven't peaked': Victoria's caseload to get worse before it gets better

The Victorian chief health officer has said Victoria could end up with more than 1,000 cases a day
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton
Rebecca Russo

Victoria's daily Covid-19 caseload has been bouncing around between 400 and 500 for about a week, but chief health officer Brett Sutton has warned that those numbers are expected to increase. 

"We haven't peaked, unfortunately," Sutton told a media conference today. "The Burnett modelling and everything we know in relation to our current vaccination coverage would suggest that cases will continue to increase. The fact that they're being held in the 400s again ... it's a very hard number to keep under wraps. Vaccination alone won't mean that there's a peak at the 400s."

There is now evidence that our northern neighbours have flattened the curve, with daily new case numbers in NSW levelling off around the 1,200 mark. The CHO indicated Victoria could be headed for such scary numbers in the coming weeks, with our numbers increasing faster than NSW's. 

"It's very hard to know," Sutton said. "We've had a higher growth trajectory in the previous week. It seems to have stabilised a little bit in the last few days, but we don't know where that true number is. The risk of it getting to 1,000 is real, so we have to press on with vaccinations at the fastest possible rate for that reason alone."

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