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Win a flight for you and 149 of your closest friends to next year's Mona Foma

Ben Neutze

Sometimes it's hard to get all your friends to commit to an interstate trip. People have crazy schedules, personal dramas, pets to look after, and often don't want to fork out for travel. But here's an offer that even your flakiest friend would find irresistible: Mona Foma is giving one person an Air Mofo flight, and they can fill all 150 seats with whoever they want: friends, colleagues, lovers, enemies, total strangers. Everybody on the flight will get festival passes and a return flight from Launceston in January 2020. The overall prize is valued at $99,000.

To win, you have to find the yellow Air Mofo plane on Mona Foma's online map of Tassie at There'll be clues on the map, in Mona Foma ads, and on the festival's website. The first person who finds it wins the plane. Well, they don't get to keep the plane, but they do get it all to themselves for one flight. And it won't be an ordinary flight: Air Mofo is an artistic flight experience, complete with in-flight entertainment and performances at altitude.

Mona Foma's artistic director Brian Ritchie has got your first clues: "It's located somewhere in Tasmania but not somewhere that starts with A, B or Z."

Does that narrow it down? Get searching.

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