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You can explore this dreamy Melbourne art installation online

Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Covid has really done a number on Melbourne’s arts industry, but the city’s creative folk are finding, well, creative ways to cope with shutdown restrictions. 

As part of Melbourne Design Week, artist Yan Huang, furniture designer Danielle Storm and Techne Architecture + Interior Design collaborated to create ‘Daydream’ – a pop-up sensory installation that merged nature with human design. Unfortunately, ‘Daydream’ only ran from March 20-22, but anyone who missed it can now explore the work online.

‘Daydream’ features a luridly purple-lit space with a whiff of David Lynch to it. The installation is filled with fog, fragrances, plants, light and water used to complement the custom design elements, some of which translate better than others across the web (you’ll have to imagine the fragrances we’re afraid). ‘Daydream’ was predominantly made from recycled and sustainable materials, further strengthening the work’s desire to show the connection between design and nature.

The collaborating artists and designers have put a virtual tour of the art installation online (take a peek here). The tour takes you through the installation pretty quickly, so don’t be afraid to hit the pause button (bottom left-hand corner) if you want to pause and examine the space in more detail.

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