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Yarra Tram socks
Photograph: Supplied

You can get clothing that looks like Melbourne’s trams and trains

Don't lie... you know you’ve always wanted socks that look like seat fabric

Rebecca Russo

If you’re the type of Melburnian who’s thought, “Gee, that seat pattern is not at all obnoxiously colourful and feels like an ancient velour carpet,” then boy have we got something for you.

We’ve stumbled upon a series of clothing options for the Melburnian who likes to prove to everyone around them that they are, in fact, a public transport lover. 

There are these green socks that resemble the seat pattern on a Yarra Trams vehicle. You can pick yours up when you purchase this card game about Melbourne public transport, Touched On

There’s also the Yarra Trams T-shirt which, thankfully, is made of cotton and not that horrific soiled fabric we know… love. Our personal favourite is this Connex T-shirt that looks like the pattern found on many Melbourne trams. Wear it onboard and you might even blend into the surroundings.

Who says all Melburnians have to wear black? 

But, actually, all Melburnians do wear black – we found out why.

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