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You can go camping on the side of a cliff in Victoria’s High Country
Written by
Rebecca Russo

In news that will excite all thrill seekers but make the rest of us violently scream “no!” at our computer screens, a Victorian travel company is letting punters camp on the side of a cliff high above Victoria’s Mount Buffalo gorge. 

This is Australia’s first and the world’s highest commercial portaledge (ie portable ledge) cliff camping experience, meaning this is a pretty one-of-a-kind adventure to have here in Victoria.

The experience includes an overnight stay on a (secure, they swear!) portaledge, which is suspended over a 300-metre cliff face. Punters abseil down to the portaledge and enjoy a packed dinner, then settle in for an unforgettable night beside the cliff. 

Cliff camping Beyond the Edge Unleashed Unlimited

Photograph: Supplied

If you’re truly brave, you can also opt to abseil the 300 metres down to the bottom of the gorge. You’ll descend down a path that’s mostly reserved for pro rock climbers. 

Cliff camping is available from November to May, and it is weather dependent. You’ll be assisted by two expert guides and get a comprehensive training session with multiple abseils and cliff ascents to get you ready for your expedition. 

Dinner and breakfast are provided, as is all the safety equipment (phew!). The cost is $699 per person, with rates based on a two-person booking (so $1,398 all up). It’s an additional $450 per person to do the abseil down into the valley. 

Game? Follow this link for all the details and to book.

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