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A couple making kissing faces at each other.
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Your 25 craziest Melbourne make-out stories

We asked Melburnians for their funniest make-out stories and boy did they deliver

Rose Johnstone
Written by
Rose Johnstone

A few years ago, we asked Melburnians to send in their best make-out stories and they really, really delivered. As much as we're committed to keeping it classy, we're also suckers for the less romantic side of dating. A cheeky pash in a less-than-charming locale can sometimes be more memorable than one between dishes at a degustation. Below are the best answers that you sent us.

1. Rod Laver Arena car park... with a tennis player from Ecuador. GameSetMatch

2. Between two dumpsters in the alleyway behind Boney (Pony at the time, and RIP Boney). It smelled distinctly of rotting lettuce, which is not the kind of smell you want to associate with memories of your new crush. Phoebe

3. In the corner of Mad Mex in QV. The staff kept turning up the volume of the music in our corner but we ignored it. Donald Tramp

4. The abandoned/never used platform 15 at Flinders Street Station.* Katrina

*not just pashing.

5. In the back of an ambulance while working a NYE with my now husband! Nurse Hoolihan

6. My boyfriend and I shared our first kiss in a Seven Eleven. Our friends were buying something and we just couldn't wait until we got into the nightclub next door. Miranda

7. I made out with someone for the first time on the light-up dancefloor in the Melbourne Now exhibition at the NGV during White Night one year. It was 4am and the place felt like a club. Ton Silhocky

8. The alleyway behind 170 Russell because the stench of old cigarettes and urine was just so romantic. Angela

9. Hooking up as the planes go past ahead behind Essendon DFO. Jooze

10. The stairwell of our office. Instead of taking the lift to deliver paperwork, we would make a time and meet in the stairwell. A little tricky as others used the same method. Robyn

11. Where haven't we… 3am at a sushi stand at Southern Cross Station, at Scienceworks behind some strange wheel animation, in a disabled loo, in front of a giraffe at the Melbourne Zoo. Jenna

12. In my tent, secretly set up in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Fleur

13. Behind Olympic Doughnuts in Footscray where we thought no one could see us. Problem was, everyone waiting on the station platform could. Good doughnuts though. Tara

14. Inside the old ferry docked at Southbank just before sunrise in summer and making out as it gets light out. Anthony

15. I had my first kiss with my new boyfriend at the deli counter in Woolworths. I believe we pashed until a line formed behind us and we were interrupted by an angry customer! Hannah

16. On the swinging hammock at the park in Birrarung Marr (when there are no kids around of course!) Nishat

17. In the old Melbourne house in the Museum. A fun and educational day out. Tara

18. At our old workplace, we'd go to empty the bins but sneak to the roof for a quickie. Sometimes during service we'd go to the walk-in safe (where stock was kept) cos we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Paddy Icognito and A. Non

19. My friend thought I had to go to the bathroom at the Corner Hotel three times during our conversation. Later, I told her I was making out with a guy I was making eyes with earlier. Anthea

20. I made out with the head bartender/manager mid-service over the bar at Black Pearl. That was six years ago. I'm marrying him in April. How good is Melbourne?! Caitlin

21. On the train tracks at Glenferrie Station overlooking the city lights at 2am. Dan

22. We got asked to "tone it down" at The Attic for being too "passionate" while perched on the bar stools. Adam

23. On a tinny in the middle of Port Philip Bay with seagulls circling above! Kate

24. Under the stairs at Olympic Park Stadium. Jessica

And the winner is…

25. I was having a fling with a guy and we were both working in the city. If we felt the urge, we would both leave our desks and meet in the bathroom at Federation Square where we made out. Barbara

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