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Bourbon Street

Pulled pork, now invading your desk space

American food. It's infiltrated every corner if the city and now it's invading your desk. Bourbon Street is a new lunch delivery service bringing smoke, spice and kale chips to your workplace. The menu is short, and they only deliver to a few suburbs right now (South Melbourne, Docklands, CBD, South Yarra and Albert Park), but it's good eating if you go in for forearm-sized baguettes stuffed with smoky, juicy pulled pork and slaw.

They’re doing four po’ boys including a peppery jerk chicken number that’s heavy on the rosemary so it’s a bit like eating a spicy potpourri sandwich. It comes with a pineapple and peppers relish, which gives some sweetness and acid although it does lose some of its hot-cold contrast charm in the trip from kitchen to office. But did we mention you don’t have to move to get it? You can also ditch the bread entirely and get each filling (they also do beef brisket and a red bean chilli with melted cheese and corn chips for crunch) with brown rice – which we actually prefer.

Place your order on Tuesday or Wednesday for next day delivery and it will show up between 11.30am and 1.30pm. like it’s your birthday. Happy days, lazy lunch fans.


Venue name: Bourbon Street
Address: Around Melbourne
Opening hours: Wed-Thu 11.30am-1.30pm
Static map showing venue location