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Lend a hand to help beat world hunger with Zambrero

Pull up your sleeves and join Zambrero for a meal-packing event. On the Zambrero Plate 4 Plate Meal Packing Day, the Mexican restaurant group will be recruiting volunteers to donate just two hours of their time to pack nutritious meals that will be sent to the developing world via distribution partner Stop Hunger Now. Volunteers will work in teams led by specially trained staff to pack ingredients into special packages. Think you can't make a difference from just two hours of contribution? Imagine, fifty people can package a whopping 10,000 meals in that space of time. 

The event is part of Zambrero's Plate 4 Plate initiative, started by Zambrero founder Dr Sam Prince, which donates a highly nutritious meal to someone in the developing world for every burrito or bowl purchased at all of the 145 Zambrero restaurants located across Australia and around the world. 

Zambrero's Plate 4 Plate Meal Packing Day will take place at:
Grand Buffet Hall, Union House, 2nd floor
University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

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