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Sydney's Gelato Messina has opened in Melbourne

Gelato Messina looks more like a nightclub than a purveyor of gelati. Music pumps out of the giant glass doors and no matter what the weather, there is a constant crowd flowing out onto the street – we've even seen a queue on a ten-degree rainy night. Such is the crazy caused by Gelato Messina – the ragingly popular Sydney import where all-natural gelato rules and nothing, not even an anatomically accurate heart, proves too great a challenge for the iced treat architect to build.

Those queues are pretty well justified. Messina's flavours are things of wonder – there's the fruity-sharp contrast of pear, cut through with a red ribbon of sour rhubarb and the creamy, subtlety of coconut and pandan. Everything is made fresh daily and the turnover is high, so you're always getting a scoop that's fresher and fluffier than you might elsewhere.There's a good balance of sugar to sharpness, but you don't engender this kind of insane following without a good measure of the sweet stuff. The tart strawberry number and the roasted hazelnut with white chocolate hits all your nerve receptors, so if you're more a fan of subtlety you might be better off at Gelateria Primavera in the city where sugar takes a back seat.

A wait is almost always inevitable, but our recommendation is to head in early and procure yourself a large take-away container so you're armed in case of heat wave emergencies.

If you want to know more about Gelato Messina, check out Time Out’s interview with chef Donato Toce.


Venue name: Gelato Messina: Fitzroy
Address: 237 Smith St
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