Gumbo Kitchen food truck

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Gumbo Kitchen food truck

There’s a lot to like about GK. They’ve got fried green tomatoes on board and Cajun tunes pumping out of the portable speakers, but we wish they had a bucket cocktail to complete the New Orleans theme – the rib-sticking snacks suit an alcohol-lined stomach. Check out the beef debris ($13) – meat braised in gravy till it melts, upended over a pile of thick cut fries with a slick of spicy mayo punctuated with a single gherkin. The seafood gumbo is a shirt staining mess of tenderised squid, shrimp and the odd yabby claw bobbing around in an ocean of herb studded gravy. Head straight for the shrimp po’ boy ($10/$13). You want large, or huge? You get a forearm-sized hunk of bread, slathered with spicy Cajun mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickles and bombarded with breaded deep-fried shrimp till it just can’t take no more. You can’t go wrong. During the day grab one of their picnic blankets, a biscuit coated frozen lemon slice and join the park party, or track 'em down to the many fine bars they frequent like Hell Towers Saloon and the Beaufort.


Venue name: Gumbo Kitchen food truck
Address: Around Melbourne
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