Nothing Wasted Ozharvest Fundraising Dinner

Chicken skin with fish and roe
Photograph: Supplied

You get four courses of delicious, creative cooking; Ozharvest provides 200 meals; and nothing is wasted

Doing your bit for the environment and people experiencing food shortages has never been as easy or delicious as the Nothing Wasted dinner. Meat Fish Wine are hosting a fundraising dinner for Ozharvest, and your $99 ticket will allow the food rescue charity to provide nearly 200 meals to people in need. 

It gets better, because the four-course Asian menu from Red Spice Road chef John McLeay will be made from ingredients that otherwise would have been thrown away. We're talking cauliflower stem rice, potato peels, pigs ears, chicken skin, carrot tops, pickled watermelon rind and black bananas. It might sound crazy but we swear it'll be tasty - this is what they're best at. 

And did we mention the meal will be matched with wines from sustainable Adelaide Hills vineyard, Unico Zello. This is a win/win/win for you, the planet and the community. 


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