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Pat's Veg

Pickle your pantry with Pat’s Veg

Pickles: not only are they the saving vinegary grace for any fat heavy foods, the wild fermented kind can also make you a shining beacon of health. That’s two very good reasons to visit Pat Drapac’s new store of funk on Sydney Road. You might recognise Drapac’s probiotic-packed cabbage and caraway sauerkraut from the Coburb farmers markets or as the thing making your beef sandwich more delicious at Café Bu. He’s been fizzing up an organic pickle storm in his Coburg home for a couple of years, but now he’s gone full time. Our pick is the leek and fennel relish and the classic beetroot and carrot – all earth, fust and zing. Grab a bottle of slightly sweet fermented kombucha tea and fizz yourself healthy. Just remember to refrigerate. This stuff is sold alive and kicking.

By: Gemima Cody


Venue name: Pat's Veg
Address: 105 Sydney Road
Opening hours: Tue-Wed 10-4; Thu-Fri 10-6
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