Prawn Dumpling Degustation

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Prawn dumpling degustation
Photograph: Kristoffer Paulsen

There's a reason they're everyone's No.1 yum cha pick

Who amongst us won't seize every and all opportunities to eat so many dumplings you risk becoming one. That's why Zhou Zhou Bar are throwing yet another dumpling degustation for Good Food Week, only this time they're narrowing the focus a little to celebrate the king of yum cha trolley picks: the prawn dumpling. Tickets to the six-course prawn dumpling extravaganza are $50 a pop, which gets you 12 different variations on a delicious theme. 

There'll be steamed parcels of prawn mixed with spinach and basil; ones with shallot, wood ear mushroom, sesame and bamboo; and another set with asparagus and seaweed. Heck, they're even trying a creamy mushroom prawn dumpling. Plus there's a chilli prawn and coriander siu mai, seaweed prawn pan-fried dumplings, and wasabi prawn money bags on the menu.

Never have so many tasty pockets of prawns been available for your dining pleasure, so get in quick because there's nothing Melbourne likes more than grandiose serves of dumplings.


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