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 (Photogragh: Carmen Zammit)
Photogragh: Carmen Zammit
 (Photogragh: Carmen Zammit)
Photogragh: Carmen Zammit
 (Photogragh: Carmen Zammit)
Photogragh: Carmen Zammit

Feel like ramen at 3am? Head right here

How Melbourne ever made it for so long without a an all-night ramen joint, we will never know, but Shujinko's presence smack bang in the CBD and a stone's throw away from some of the city's most popular late-night venues is a god send. Night city dwellers will no longer have to resort to a greasy kebab or mysteriously long-lasting burger from the golden arches. Perhaps not so surprisingly, a soothing bowl of soup and perfectly slurpy noodles is great fuel after a late night jaunt. The ultra-spicy karakuchi ramen is just the thing to clear those sinuses, while the black ramen is an umami bomb that can cut through to your booze-numbed tastebuds.


Venue name: Shujinko
Address: 225 Russell St
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours
Static map showing venue location