Smokey's All American BBQ

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Smokey's All American BBQ

The owners here have built their smokehouse to be the first of a chain of restaurants (the next one is opening on Chapel Street). And really, what could be more American than that? Here you’ll find laminated menus, a drinks deal featuring four Coors beers for $20, and a sweet shirt to remember your experience for ever. Expect potent south-of-the-Mason-Dixon line ribs and brisket (they do Texas barbecue as well as North Carolina sliders and even a Reuben sandwich – pride of new york). They’re using smoker boxes in the ovens to burn hickory, which can be pretty full on as a flavour compared to the subtler red gum being used around most of Melbourne. But those ovens do create some fall-apart meat. The North Carolina pork sliders are a little sweet for us, but if you want a litre-sized milkshake that’s pretty much pure ice cream frothed with chocolate syrup and a plate of fries doused in a chunky, smoky chilli con carne and orange cheese, step inside.


Venue name: Smokey's All American BBQ
Address: 144 Rouse St
Port Melbourne
Opening hours: Daily 11am-11pm
Static map showing venue location