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Giant meat pie the Duke
Photograph: Supplied

Take on this giant meat pie during footy finals at the Duke

And if you finish it all, you get it for free

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Native Advertising

Meet the Game Changer – the aptly named giant meat pie challenge from the Duke of Wellington's kitchen. Unlike the classic handheld footy treat, this meat pie is a whopping four-kilo meat pie, that can feed at least six people. It's the perfect way to feed your crew in the lead up to the grand final, and comes with a golden crisp top and a hearty meaty filling.

Up for a challenge? If you finish it in less than 45 minutes, you'll get the whole thing for free. Otherwise you can kick back with a pint while you keep an eye on the footy action and enjoy it at your leisure for $75. The giant meat pie is available now and will be available after the footy finals are over. So get your team together and head into the Duke for the ultimate food challenge.

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