Tivoli Road Bakery

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Tivoli Road Bakery

Michael James and his wife Pippa went in with the foundations of this joint. And what started life as Movida Bakery has only gone from strength to strength since its amicable split from the Movida group.
Salted caramel doughnuts, loaves of rye and puffy golden croissants fill every cabinet and wooden rack in the shop. Find a seat if you can. This is the best pie shop in the city. So good, in fact, we'd settle for just squatting in the street, arms extended trying not to let the peppery contents of a beef pie get on our shoes.
It's all planning here. The bakery is a magnet during lunch crowds and any time approaching Easter when the hot crossed buns come out of the oven fruit-filled, spicy and glistening. Order ahead, and get in before the mobs at lunch when fat sandwiches on rye and multigrain cause wars.


Venue name: Tivoli Road Bakery
Address: 3 Tivoli Rd
South Yarra
Opening hours: Daily 7.30am-4pm
Transport: Nearby stations: South Yarra
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