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Milk The Cow Carlton
Laura Lown

What should I drink with that cheese?

Laura Lown, head cheesemonger at Milk the Cow, shares her wisdom on the perfect cheese and drink pairings

By Time Out editors

We all know cheese and booze are the star-crossed lovers of the gastronomic world. Having one without the other is some kind of foodie blasphemy, but it’s often hard to decide on which fromage to pair with which bevvie. Check out Milk the Cow’s head cheesie Laura Lown’s wise words below, then peruse the best cheese shops and the best bars to make your cheese dreams come true. 

Cheese and booze pairings

Chevre and gin

1. Goat chèvre and gin

Gin really goes well with a good goat or sheep cheese. Chèvre is citric and botanical, carrying the flavours of any botanicals gin beautifully and elevating both to new heights.
Brie and Champagne

2. Triple cream Brie and Champagne

The acidity in sparkling wine and Champagne cuts perfectly through high fat content cheeses like triple cream brie and is an example of how contrasts can pair together. A great pairing for a Champagne breakfast or brunch.
Blue cheese and whisky

3. Blue cheese and whisky

Pair a peaty whisky with a big spicy, salty blue like roquefort. The peatier the whisky, the more assertive the cheese needs to be to match up to it in intensity.
Burrata and pilsner beer

4. Burrata and pilsner beer

This is an example of complementing flavours – light beers call for young, fresh cheeses. I'm crushing on the pilsner and burrata combination right now. If you like your beer heavier, try a thick chocolaty stout with decadent triple or double cream brie. It’s almost like eating tiramisu or chocolate cake.
Herbal cheeses and rosé

5. Herbal cheese and rosé

Rosé goes so well with Mediterranean-style semi-hard and hard cheeses – two in particular are the Queso Mahon, from Minorca in Spain, rubbed in paprika and the Fleur de Maquis which is rolled in herbs like rosemary and fennel. These cheeses sing of summer pastures and flora, similar to a rosé which is all berries and summertime in a glass.

What grows together, goes together

Wheel of brie at Say Cheese Festival

Laura Lown says:

“Beautiful artisan produce means you can taste the terroir of where it was grown, what the animals fed on, sometimes even the fresh salt air of a seaside location. So if you're getting wine from the Yarra Valley, for instance, find some nearby cheese from there and voila, you should have a match!”

Wine on your mind?

Cheese and wine at Formaggi Ocello Cheese in Sydney
Photograph: Daniel Boud

The best places for cheese and wine in Melbourne

Bars Wine bars

Vin et fromage. Vino y queso. Vino e formaggio. No matter what language you’re speaking, everyone knows that cheese and wine is the ultimate combo. These Melbourne haunts have everyone’s favourite double act on their playbill, so buy the ticket, take the ride.


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