World's Longest Lunch

Food at Annam
Photograph: Graham Denholm

MFWF's famous World's Longest Lunch is going to be held at Victoria Gardens in Prahran and celebrates the work of female chefs

One of the highlights of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has always been the Bank of Melbourne World's Longest Lunch, and after a brief foray to Footscray last year, it's moving to Victoria Gardens in Prahran.. 

Just how long is the World's Longest Lunch? The table is a whopping 500 metres long (yes, half a kilometre), and 1700 people will enjoy a three-course meal from chefs Karen Martini, Nicky Riemer (Bellota Wine Bar) and Lauren Eldridge (group pastry chef, Van Haandel Group).

The one-off lunch costs $175.

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