Cone 11 Ceramics' Smash N Grab Sale

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Cone 11 Ceramics' Smash and Grab Sale
Photograph: Supplied

Get your mitts on some ceramics before they're smashed to smithereens

The talented artisans at Cone 11 Ceramics have a problem. They’ve got too many hand-crafted pieces in their Abbotsford Convent studio and they need to get rid of some. But if you don’t buy ‘em then they’ll smash ‘em!

Hop down to the Convent this Sunday for an epic smash and grab sale. The sale will feature one-off works from ceramicists Sophie Moran, Kevin Boyd and Andrei Davidoff, Lemon Ceramics and Kevin Boyd. To avoid the knowledge of many pieces of lovingly crafted works meeting a violent end weighing heavily on your art-loving conscious, get down to their studio on Sunday and take your pick from a range of ceramics, including plates, vases, mugs and more, before they go on a one way trip to smash city.

By: William Dunn

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