Indoor plant warehouse sale

Indoor plant warehouse sale
Photograph: Alexandra Cohen

Pick up something new and leafy at this epic weekend plant sale

Jungle Collective invites all green thumbs to an indoor plant sale on Saturday July 7. There will be over 60 different plant species including fiddle leafs, monstera, giant birds of paradise, pileas, rubber figs, ferns, Bangalow palms and more. All things green will also include a horticulturist providing free advice and designer pots for sale.

The event will be themed for Christmas in July and if attendees wear an elf outfit or alike, they will receive a Christmas gift: a fun $5 discount off any purchase on the day. All your friends will be green with envy.

There is lots of parking and EFTPOS facilities available. So bring a crate to the jungle jam!

By: Shella Shpigel


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