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Just Ride It!

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Just Ride It!

If there is one word that is synonymous with Melbourne hipster, it would have to be ‘fixie’. It has been the preferred method of transport for many northside cool kids for years now, but something equally undeniable is the health benefits and the lower maintenance costs a fixie can bring to their rider.

Just Ride It! started as an online store supplying the needs of Melbourne’s fixie riders, and they’ve opened up a store to keep up with demand. You can get your own fixie custom made, so start thinking about colour, frame and how you can make your bike reflect you. Aside from looking pretty nifty, fixies are unreal for burning some serious energy, considering it’s up to you to adapt to your riding conditions, and not your bike. A fixed gear or a single speed bike obviously means a lack of gears, but that also means less grease and much less maintenance, so you are considerably freer to get up and go.

Fixies are for anyone and everyone. If you want to reflect your personality in your bike, get hell fit, and not stress about bike maintenance jump on a fixie. Owner of Just Ride It! Steve Atkinson really backs his bikes, and is offering a five-year warranty and free servicing for life. While breaks are optional for these types of bikes, we recommend making the most of this lifetime deal and investing in some.

By: Hannah Valmadre


Venue name: Just Ride It!
Address: 246 Brunswick St
Opening hours: 10am-6pm
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