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Tiger Moth World

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Tiger Moth World

Time Out Says

Take a wild ride in an open cockpit biplane

What are your feelings about control? Do you like to A) be in it, or B) lose it? If you answered B, you will really enjoy Tiger Moth World’s adventure flights, during which you will be buffeted about and dunked by invisible winds; a sensation not unlike a surprise goosing. You'll then be propelled on a G force-inducing loop-the-loop, which will have you involuntary gripping your seat, hoping you're not about to trigger some ejector mechanism.

If you answered A... well... maybe you'll grow to enjoy a flight on a Tiger Moth. We did.

From the moment pilot Max Reflinski hands us our Biggles-style jumpsuit, leather jacket, helmet and goggles, it's hard not to get in the mood for an airborne thrashing. The open cockpits don't inspire faith, but at least this is a 1970s remake of a 1930s model. Only 40 years old, then.

After an impish take-off, in which Reflinski aims the nose for a shed at the bottom of the runway and then pulls up wildly at the last second (it’s plausible he interpreted Time Out’s earlier phone call as to whether it might be too wet to fly as reluctance on our part), we soar straight for a rainbow over the Great Ocean Road and chug on towards Barwon Heads. A few violent turns later (this is what's known as a 'barnstormer' flight), Max asks if we might be ready for a fancy move.

“Just one,” Time Out orders into the ‘gosport' shouting device. One sickening loop-the-loop later, Max wonders, “What about another one?” There follows a sickening barrel roll. This is now what's known as a 'Mild Aerobatic' flight'. Apologies, dear reader, but we opt out of the 'Wild Aerobatic' ride, which involves steaming straight up to the heavens, then nosediving back down, spinning crazily and cutting out the propellor. For real.

Not only are there different wowser-level flights on offer at Tiger Moth World, but different planes. You might, for instance, want a 'romantic' flight atop the Great Ocean Road in a three-seater (the pilot needs to come, of course), or you might want to cruise all the way to the Twelve Apostles. There are also skydiving trips on offer, and the Tiger Moth Adventure Park and museum if you want to make a proper family day of things.

Our advice? Unless you're absolutely going to vomit (sick bags are provided, but if you miss there's a fine), tough it out and keep going. For the love of god, get more loop-de-loops in the bag than us or you'll regret you didn't.

Visit the Great Ocean Road over a long weekend and experience Monday's the New Sunday.

Written by Jenny Valentish


325 Blackgate Rd
Opening hours:
Thu-Mon 10am-5pm
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