Can't Be Tamed

Theatre, Performance art
Can't Be Tamed, Melbourne Fringe
Photograph: Robert Smith

A glitter-streaked slice of physical theatre, with Miley Cyrus as your spirit guide

This is a show about Miley Cyrus, but forget any thoughts of cabarets or sing-a-longs. It’s a psychedelic deep-dive into identity, coming out and coming of age: glitter, sex, parties and all.

The show, directed by Justin Nott and performed by Danni Ray, begins in a beige hotel room, where the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana unwinds after performing to 20,000 fans. As she begins to fall down a psychedelic rabbit hole, she begins to grapple with the question that has been dogging her since her Disney days: who am I? 

Can't Be Tamed will play as part of the Melbourne Fringe at 7pm every night of the first week of the festival at the North Melbourne Town Hall.


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