Dendron: the Forest in us

Theatre, Performance art
Photograph: Supplied

[Sponsored] Travel into the woods with Dendron

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about trees a whole lot. Sure, they’re great to sit under and it’s nice that they filter our air, but when was the last time you really considered the woody giants with which we share the world?

Dendron is a performance by Bendigo contemporary arts group CreateAbility that will make you re-evaluate your relationship with trees and nature. The name comes from the Greek word for tree. The same word is also used for the branched endings of our nerve cells – the part that communicates with the rest of our bodies.

Using wild sounds, movements and imagery, Dendron will take audiences on a journey into nature and their imaginations. In addition to the performance there will also be workshops, talks and bush walks as part of CreateAbility’s program.

There will be four Dendron performances at Ulumbarra Theatre over November 15-16, with the October dates and venues still to be confirmed.

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