Einstein: Master of the Universe

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Einstein the Musical

Art and science unite for an ambitious slice of musical theatre

Albert Einstein: genius, physicist... singer? In approaching the story of the one of the fathers of modern science, writer Jess Newman quickly realised that it was a tale that could not be told through words alone. "Everywhere I looked I saw his face and his theory," she says. "He's still such an icon but so few people know the amazing story, and the man behind the icon."

And so Einstein: Master of the Universe was born. A team of Melbourne-based artists, under direction of Daniel Czech, shine a light on the tumultuous life of the theoretical physicist, exploring his obsession with his work and the personal price he must pay to understand the workings of the universe. 

The musical features live animated projections by animation artist Jack Crosby, onto a set inspired by Einstein's notebook and thought process, by designer Robert Smith.

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