Henry V

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Pop-up Globe Australia 2017 Melbourne Henry V production still 01 courtesy Pop-up Globe
Photograph: Supplied Henry V

Experience Shakespeare’s blood-spattered drama as it was intended, in this limited season from New Zealand venture Pop-up Globe

Pop-up Globe is a replica of the Globe Theatre of 1614, built to the exact specifications of the Bard and his players. This is how the most popular plays in the world were born and staged: with natural light and unplugged sound, a standing audience of general admission ‘groundlings’, direct-audience address, and dirty jokes telegraphed with obscene gestures.

Henry V – the most action-packed of all Shakespeare’s Plantagenet history plays – is the perfect play for this experience: its entire prologue is set up to help you use your imagination to turn a stage into a battlefield. “May we cram,” says the Chorus, “within this wooden O the very casques that did affright the air at Agincourt?” Why yes, Chorus, this time we really may – and we challenge you not to get goosebumps from the thrill of being in a replica of the same wooden O just as someone is telling you about it.

This one comes with a little warning: it’s really bloody.

Read our guide and do Pop-up Globe like a pro.

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