Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer)

Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer)
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The beloved radio show makes a theatrical return – even if the Love God himself does not

From 1997 until 2013, there was only one radio show to listen to when you were taking a solo drive late at night: Richard Mercer's Love Song Dedications. For a decade and a half, lovestruck locals would call the love-line to pay tribute to their partner; or sometimes, optimistically, just a prospective partner.

But now that Mercer – aka the Love God – has officially retired, artists Tom Hogan and Bonnie Leigh-Dodds are reviving his legacy with this live performance as part of Melbourne Fringe.

Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) spun out of their podcast, Missing Richard Mercer, and sees the pair search for the ultimate therapeutic playlist and greatest love song of all time. Will it be Whitney's version of 'I Will Always Love You'? Celine's 'My Heart Will Go On'? Or Aerosmith's epic ballad from the Armageddon soundtrack? In any case, power ballad fans probably don't want to miss this show.

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