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Nassim 2018, Arts Centre Melbourne, hero image
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Alison Bell, Charlie Pickering, Nakkiah Lui and Denise Scott star in Nassim Soleimanpour's daring theatrical experiment

Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour's breakthrough play White Rabbit Red Rabbit has become something of a theatrical sensation, and has been performed by everybody from Whoopi Goldberg to Eddie Perfect, who took on the play in Melbourne last year.

The set-up was quite simple but consistently threw forth intriguing situations: each night a new, unrehearsed actor opens an envelope on stage containing the script. They then do their best to make sense of the piece for the audience in front of them.

The play travelled the world for several years but Soleimanpour was unable to do so, prevented from leaving his native country for refusing military service.

With his new play, called simply 'Nassim', the writer is able to journey with the unrehearsed actors and be part of the show. In the Melbourne season, he'll be joined by Alison Bell (Jan 23, 7pm), Benjamin Law (Jan 24, 7pm), Charlie Pickering (Jan 25, 7pm), Nakkiah Lui (Jan 27, 5pm), Catherine McClements (Jan 27, 7.30pm) and Denise Scott (Jan 28, 5pm).

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