Ngarngk; Giver of Life

Theatre, Drama
Yirramboi Festival
Photograph: Supplied/Candice Lorrae

Time Out says

The experiences of First Nations mothers are put at the forefront in NazAree Dickerson's debut play

Nyoongar/Burmese writer NazAree Dickerson is putting First Nations women at the forefront in her debut play. Ngarngk; Giver of Life is a story of Indigenous motherhood and the desire to return to traditional practices. 

"Ngarngk" is a Nyoongar word meaning "giver of life"; an apt title given how the play tells the story of a mother willing to give everything to fight and protect her family. Ngarngk stars Carissa Lee and Kristel Kickett and is showing at La Mama Courthouse from May 9 to 14. 


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