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Of The Land On Which We Meet

  • Theatre, Circuses
  1. A woman stands, looking towards a spotlight, being held up by a group of dancers collapsed on the floor
    Photographer: Tiffany Garvie
  2. A man holds a dancer on his shoulders, as he looks toward the light
    Photographer: T J Garvie
  3. Two people embrace in darkness, their faces hidden
    Photographer: T J Garvie

Time Out says

A moving circus performance that connects with three narratives in Australian history

From the creators of award winning circus performance Common Dissonance comes this new modern circus work for the Melbourne Fringe, as part of Deadly Fringe. Of The Land On Which We Meet explores three weaving narratives through circus performance; the strikingly different connection to Country from the perspective of an indigenous Australian, a descendant of migrants, and a descendant of colonial settlers.

Produced by Wakka Wakka acrobat and producer Harley Mann, from Na Djinang Circus, Of The Land On Which We Meet asks us, what does it mean to be where we are? How can we deepen our connection to Country, beyond the standard Welcome to Country we all experience regularly?

Written by Bianca O'Neill


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