PO PO MO CO’s Second Birthday Show

Theatre, Performance art
PO PO MO CO's Second Birthday 2018, Midsumma, hero image
Photograph: Supplied PO PO MO CO's Second Birthday

The eight-member queer physical comedy troupe is throwing a trash-tastic performance art party

PO PO MO CO is short for "Post Post Modern Comedy". That might sound like a rather pretentious and potentially painful prospect, but what you really need to know about this troupe is that they're wildly funny. PO PO MO CO is celebrating its second birthday with a big party throwing together comedy, fashion and performance art.

The performers are Kimberley Twiner, Lily Fish, Precious Cargo, David Maney, Claire Sullivan, Anna Lehmann Thomson, Amaya Vecellio and Hallie Goodman. The birthday show is part of Midsumma Festival.

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