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A woman stands defiantly while holding a toy pram in one hand; another woman sit serenely in a beach chair holding a toy baby
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This raucous comedy calling out the societal expectations on women arrives at Theatre Works

"Are you having kids?" It's the question that all women are asked at some point in their life, usually by somebody who has absolutely no right to be enquiring about it. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, making it fertile ground for Sadie Hasler's raucuous comedy Pramkicker

Sadie Hasler's irreverent show revolves around two sisters: Jude, who sits firmly on the "no kids" side of the fence, and Susie, who is a little more uncertain about whether she wants to pop one out. It's all well and good until Jude loses it one day while in a café filled with "yummy mummies", kicking a pram and getting arrested and sent to anger management in the process. Sister Susie goes along for the ride in what is a razor sharp, funny and relatable show that pokes at whether motherhood carries with it societal privileges.

Pramkicker comes to Melbourne from Dirty Pennies Theatre Project, who premiered the show to Australian audiences in 2018. Artistic director, Amy May Nunn, says: "The play’s ability to meaningfully tackle weighty feminist themes while also being gut-achingly funny was central to its allure. Ultimately this work is a celebration of choice, and as a woman entering my 30’s, grappling with my own questions about having kids, reading this play made me feel less alone, less crazy and more human."

You can see Pramkicker at Theatre Works from December 14-18, with tickets available now. 


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