TAO Dance Theatre: 6 and 8

TAO Dance Theater - 8-Photo by Zhang Shengbin courtesy Arts Centre Melbourne for Asia TOPA 2017
Photograph: Zhang Shengbin TAO Dance Theater – '8'

The Chinese contemporary dance present two contrasting new works testing the limits of human bodies in motion

As part of the Asia TOPA festival, Tao Dance Theatre are returning to Melbourne – where they sold out their performance at Supersense festival in 2016 – with two contrasting works testing the human form.

6, a fast-paced work that appeared last year in the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and its poetic accompaniment, 8, are part of celebrated choreographer Tao Ye’s Straight Line Trilogy, which contrasts repetition and variation to examine the human body in motion.

Both works are accompanied by a score from Chinese indie-folk-rock composer Xiao He, and are designed to explore human movement as a universal expression of the body’s power.

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By: Matilda Dixon-Smith


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