Photograph: Will Potts

A joyful and defiant celebration of diversity among women

Sometimes, to make a point, you need to strip everything back, and you need to go large-scale. That’s the thought behind Trilogy; an exuberant performance event that will see more than 100 Melbourne women dance without clothes on the Arts House stage – carving out a space where all female bodies are celebrated and powerful.

Several years ago, Glasgow-based artist Nic Green sought to examine the relationships between women and their bodies, and with contemporary feminism. The result was Trilogy; a three-part performance which blends discussion, footage of a fierce debate in 1971 involving Norman Mailer and Germaine Greer, and a hugely energetic performance involving 100 or more women from the local community.

For the first time, Trilogy will make its way to Melbourne. An essential element to the performance is that the female volunteer performers come from the city in which the piece is being performed – which is why Arts House is currently calling out for female Melburnians to step up and get involved. The experience promises to be empowering, and potentially liberating moment that will encourage volunteers and audience members alike to celebrate, rather than condemn, the diversity of female bodies and experiences.

Any women hoping to participate can sign up by visiting the Arts House website. Read more about Trilogy on Nic Green's website.

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